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Medical Mailing Lists and Market Research

Serving Medical Mailing Lists and Marketing Leads Since 1982

We've been providing our specialty medical marketing lists and direct marketing leads with customized deployment services to US and Canadian firms and brokers for over thirty years. We've made a point to specialize in both American medical lists and medical marketing lists attractive to Canadian companies.

As the owners of every lead list we offer we guarantee 100% deliverability

on our email and postal deployments. Our founders and management team are experienced medical marketing executives, having career experience with some of the largest, most recognized and most successful firms in the industry. To this day, our medical marketing list portfolio remains the world's largest and most selectable collection of medical lead databases, without exception. While we've worked with many multinational corporations, we extend the same quality service to small-business owners and brokers alike. With over 800 dedicated speciality medical lists and healthcare lists, we have your target audience and the quality leads you need.

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For thirty years our nurse mailing lists and physician mailing lists have kept growing and improving, but what makes our nurse and physician mailing lists so much better than the competition? It's the same thing that differentiates all of our lists: list ownership, hygiene and research.

We own our lists-- that's the bottom line.

Do you know the true owners of all the lists you've bought in the past month? Do you know you're not paying more than you should? At MEDbase200 you'll always know the owner of the list you're paying for, and you'll never pay too much. Our doctor lists and nurse lists are some of our most popular for a reason.

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We're always adding lists to our database of medical leads--now containing 200 medical marketing lists--and we pride ourselved on owning the most comprehensive medical lead database and the exhaustive collection medical lists in the business. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

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Featured Lists January 2014

Title Counts
Physician Mailing List 812,634 Total Universe
Registered Nurse Mailing List 4,774,902 Total Universe
Adult Care Nurses Mailing List 98,996 Total Universe
Hospitalist Mailing List 29,122 Total Universe
LPN Nurse Mailing List 1,829,045 Total Universe
Our 100% Guarantee

Stated simply, if you mail via first class mail to our unaltered list within 30 days of receipt, and then receive nixies (any undeliverable mail) resulting from that mailing, we will credit your account for (A) that portion of the mailing list which was undeliverable, as well as (B) the current first class, one ounce postage rate spent on any/all undeliverable and returned pieces, not to be exceeded by the cost of the mailing list itself. Any undelivered items must be returned to us within 60 days of our invoice. Only one (1) credit will be issued for one invoice. If you rent more than one set of lists at one time, or repeat the use of the same list/file, a credit will be allowed only for the first set of labels shipped. Lists involving custom processing or special discounting is not creditable unless previous written agreements have been made. Our lists are produced with great care and expense, and we have always offered one of the most generous delivery guarantees available in the list market. However, much as we would like to be able to, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided to us via survey respondees as well as the numerous outside services we may commission to update the accuracy of our addresses. We are not liable for any loss caused by our prospect lists or mailing lists or databases. If you have any questions about our 100% Guarantee, or would like a copy of our complete guarantee policy, please email us at


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Privacy Policy

It is our strict policy to protect the privacy of persons and organizations that communicate with us via our internet web site, email facilities, and/or our survey vehicles. Through our web site, and through the use of customized surveys (in addition to other, proprietary methodologies), we use only information supplied to us and derived through use of proprietary survey-based methods, and only for the purposes of disseminating valuable and helpful healthcare information or developments, in addition to qualified and approved marketing campaigns. For our complete privacy policy click here.

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Here you'll find 200 speciality healthcare lists ranging from nurse specialists to physician specialists--all these lists are fully customizable and come with a wide range of selects, allowing you to target your perfect audience. Let's build a list together and reach your target audience!

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